Jane just sat, staring at Edwards in disbelief at what he was telling her. "On Saturdays," he continued, "you should be up and dressed by at least 8 AM, unless you want to walk outside naked that is, because at 8 AM you will be required to exit your home and move at least 300 feet from your front door. Your Collar will go Red if you are outside of the house. You'll know when you are far enough away because your Collar will be vibrating until you are, and if you don't leave your house and keep moving, you are going to get a nasty shock. Your Collar will go Green an hour later at 9 AM." "When your Collar is yellow while you are home, from the time you get up to the time you go to sleep, you will make sure all of your blinds and curtains are open so that anyone who looks in will be able to see you in your birthday suit. Of course, anyone watching on the cameras will be able to see you naked as well by just going to Channel 6. You know what Channel 6 is, right?" Jane nodded her head, she k